About The Donations From Proceeds of Quiet Hero
Please join Rita in supporting these important causes:

USO  -  Rita is partnering with the USO for an initiative called Operation Enduring Care, who’s goal is to raise $100 million dollars for wounded warriors and their families. Half of those funds will go toward building and maintaining two new support centers at Bethesda, Maryland and Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The other half will help fund various national programs (such as Wounded Warriors, T.A.P.S., Snowball Express, etc.) which are designed to meet the needs of our brave men and women and their families. It was U.S. forces who saved Rita’s father after he escaped from a POW camp in Germany.

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews  -  Until now, little exists commemorating the site where the Warsaw Ghetto once stood. This powerful museum is being built in Warsaw to honor the history of Polish Jews and those who perished both inside and outside the ghetto… so the world never forgets. Rita’s father Richard grew up just about a hundred yards from the ghetto and when he was a young teenager, in an act of defiance, he painted anti-Nazi graffiti just outside the ghetto walls and tried to help those inside. If he was caught, he could’ve been shot on the spot.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum  -  This amazing, interactive museum was erected in 2004 on the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. It contains numerous artifacts, ranging from an exact replica of a B-24 Liberator (American bomber) an armored car, motorcycles, also original weapons, love letters and countless photographs all powerfully displayed to present an extraordinary pictorial history of the people who courageously fought against the devastating Nazi war machine. There is also a section of a sewer on display where visitors can climb through and experience in a very small way what Rita’s father and his comrades felt as they made their way through the sheer darkness and terror the night they believed they’d fight to the last man.USO  -